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Archive for January, 2015 (2015/01)

C++ view assembly (auto-vectorizer) (MSVC) (clang/LLVM)

This link ( ) describes three ways to view assembly code in the Visual Studio debugger

1) While stepping your code in Visual Studio debugger, do (ctrl+alt+d) or right click -> Go To Disassembly

2) Right-click project settings -> C/C++ -> Output Files -> ASM List Location. The *.asm or *.cod file will be output to your build output folder such as

YuGiOh GUI in C# (2006)

I wrote this nifty GUI in 2006 (shortly after college) for playing the YuGiOh card game.

This basic GUI prototype is pretty simple – it doesn

Old Side Projects Posted Now (Years Later)

My idea for this new blog category is to describe some older small side projects (exclusively, or at least primarily, done outside of work) (programming of course) that I wrote long before I created this blog.  I