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Archive for February, 2016 (2016/02)

Rolling Dice

Because I chose an authentic look to the game, the game pieces do not animate and they do not require physics.  However, the dice use physics.  This allows me to do some work with UE4 that involves probability and physics

Vulkan 1.0 released

I started writing DirectX/OpenGL code when I took multiple college classes in computer graphics and game programming (in 2001 or 2002).  In the years since then, I

HeroQuest – Prior Work and References

HeroQuest (Games Workshop, Milton Bradley) was released in America and Canada in 1990 (Europe and Australasia in 1989). Today there are some great HeroQuest fan websites and online communities. In the 26 years since the American release, there have been software development projects related to HeroQuest including video games and map editors. This post is an overview of prior work and references in the HeroQuest community that relate to my project.

Board Game: The original board game has long been out of print. The American release and the European/Australasian release have minor differences.  The six standard expansions are – Kellar’s Keep, Return of the Witch Lord, Against the Ogre Horde (Europe only), Wizards of Morcar (Europe only), The Dark Company (Europe only), The Mage of the Mirror (America only), The Frozen Horror (America only).  Related games were released by Games Workshop including Advanced HeroQuest and Warhammer Quest. An unofficial 25th anniversary edition was crowdfunded.  Fan websites have variations on everything

HeroQuest map loader