Movement is initiated from the turn menu.  Two movement dice are rolled, then the result is used as the max number of squares to move.  Movements left is displayed on the HUD.  Movement control uses the arrow keys.  Valid moves are highlighted.

Heroes and monsters are blocked by walls, by certain square space occupants (eg furniture, block tiles), and by board edges.  Each room wall is shared by two squares.  A square occupant can occupy multiple squares including blocking (eg furniture) and non-blocking (eg stair tile) occupants.

Monsters can move through other monsters (but not heroes).  Heroes can move through other heroes (but not monsters).  However, a hero can’t end your turn on a square occupied by another hero.  If you run out of moves an a square occupied by another hero, then the game will rewind your moves until you are back to a valid square.

Acton –> Attack
A hero can optionally do one move and/or one action per turn.  Once you’ve done your move (or action), the corresponding menu is disabled (grayed out).  Menu items can be selected with the mouse or keyboard shortcuts (number keys); Esc key also navigates the menus.

Some details…  If you have no valid attacks, the game will print a message (and it won’t use up your action).  If you choose to attack in the middle of a move, the game logic doesn’t end the move and transition to attack mode until an attack target is selected.  While doing an attack (and defend) sequence, move is grayed out until the the attack/defense sequence is complete.  The GUI displays up to 9 combat dice for attack in the top-right and up to 9 combat dice for defense in the bottom-right.

Game Menus, Game Logic, TODO
I’ve implemented the basic menu system and game logic for Move, Action -> Attack, Camera, End Turn, Exit Game.  There’s more to do on the attack/defend sequence.  I’ll also need to implement the other actions (spell, search traps, search doors, search treasure, disarm trap) and the character sheet (which will allow the hero to view stats, view equipment, and use items).

For now, I’ll close with a short video showing some of the aforementioned updates.