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Archive for January, 2017 (2017/01)

Search for Traps

I implemented (search for traps).  It

Monster AI mode

I made lots of progress in 2016, but there’s more work to be done for this to become a robust playable experience.  My goal for this project is to make a reasonably complete playable game

Epic Campaign Reviewed

Another post about design (rather than code).

I did more research on the expansion order.  Let

Treasure Card Code & UI

I continued to work on the treasure card code and the related user interface (UMG) for items.  I also fixed some corner cases that I found during testing, and I implemented other details related treasure and items.  For UI, the Character (items) screen is revamped.

For treasure card code…  The original game has 24 treasure cards – 11 are unique.  I added Potion of Speed (from EU version), so it’s 25 treasure cards, 12 unique.  Each of the 12 unique treasure cards requires code to be implemented.  There’s 2 hazards and 4 gold cards, so there’s really only 8 unique cards (in terms code behavior).  Gold and hazards are simple.  I

HeroQuest game balancing notes

Most of my HeroQuest Unreal Engine posts focus on code (and UE4), but this one focuses on game design.

I had a great holiday break and I was able to playtest HeroQuest (physical version) and review some of the game balancing.  I still plan to make the video game version focus on the authenticity of nostalgia.  However, there are some balance issues, design exploits, and other design improvements I plan to use for the video game version.  The tweaks (and interpretations) do not stray far from the original – even the original is open to interpretation because some of the rules are ambiguous and there