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Fix minor camera bug (with GLM camera)

My previous post’s Release 001 had a camera bug such that turning right from the initial state was broken.  You can see this if you run the WebGL (Emscripten) previous post’s Release 001 demo – just press “E” to turn right a little.

The bug was related to mixing up degrees and radians.  Basically what happened was that I used a simple camera from this tutorial ( ) (by Tom Dalling) to generate my viewProj matrix.  The tutorial is dated 2013/01/21 and uses GLM ( ).  But GLM released 2014/11/30 changed GLM from degrees to radians, which broke the camera.  See GLM release notes “Transition from degrees to radians compatibility break and GLM help” here ( ).

I fixed this tiny bug (and I started rewriting/refactoring the camera).  I also added keyboard controls “R” to look up and “F” to look down.  Here’s a WebGL (Emscripten) Release 002 with the fix – Release 002

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