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HeroQuest map loader

It’s only been a week since my first Unreal Engine category post, but I have an exciting screen shot for this post.  I’m creating a video game based on the classic board game HeroQuest (released in America in 1990) (Games Workshop and Milton Bradley).

I made programmer art (placeholder art) (static meshes) based on photos of the board game’s plastic figures and scans of the printed cardboard.  I did some editing in Blender and some hand-editing of the *.obj (and *.mtl) text files, which I then imported into Unreal Engine.

I handwrote a simple text file for the first quest (Quest 1: The Trial) by looking at the quest book.  The map format is just a list of “occupants” that occupy (a) specified game board’s 26×19 square(s).

In Unreal Engine, I wrote C++ code to load the quest map file into game logic, and then to spawn actors based on the game logic representation.

Here’s a screen shot of Quest 1 loaded, and a scan of Quest 1 from the quest book.

image image

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