Mega Monkey Mayhem, 2003

My second significant 3D game project (C++, DirectX, game/engine dev), with same two code teammates as Super IsoBomb and Xundar, and multiple other non-code contributors, for a more robust game.  C++, DirectX 8.1 (in 2003), audiere, doxygen, CVS.  Plenty of info on the project teammate's website (game description, screen shots, download):

This first video just goes straight into showing the gameplay.  Monkeys, powerups, bombs, homing bombs.  Near the end, we encounter a powerup that has a random virus.  At the end, we see the victory dance.  Recorded with simple controls using an XBox 360 controller on Windows XP.

video url:

This second video shows some the options menu/GUI, the game map chooser/preview, and visits some more maps.  Maps can balance the powerups, such as to get a high-demand banana (health point) or homing bomb (magnet) powerup you have to down a dedicated path/trail.
video url:

Since the above video clips are lower quality (lossy encrypted), here's some higher quality lossless screen shots.  Showing some particles, the main menu, the map preview, and a close-up of a monkey character and banana powerup.