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Archive for the 'Graphics & GPU' Category

Vulkan 1.0 released

I started writing DirectX/OpenGL code when I took multiple college classes in computer graphics and game programming (in 2001 or 2002).  In the years since then, I

Fix minor camera bug (with GLM camera)

My previous post

Emscripten build target (JavaScript asm.js WebGL)


Tile Map Geometry

Today I implemented tile map geometry.

Basically the way it works is I have a class TileFloorData that stores a 2D array of Tile

C++, SDL2, OpenGL ES 2 (GLES2), CMake, Git

Background, CMake

Two C++ OpenGL side projects I

Qt OpenGL model viewer (STL)

My previous post contains notes for some reading I did to learn about Qt

Qt OpenGL notes

Notes on using OpenGL with Qt

Adding some 3D models with Open Asset Import Library (assimp)

The build setup for assimp turned out to be a little more effort than I

Shadow Mapping

As described in this blog category

Simple texture example

I loaded three simple bmp

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