I haven’t posted updates because I was on “sabbatical”.  Jan 2016 to Mar 2017 I was consistently making progress on the HeroQuest UE4 project, but then I changed jobs and moved to a different state (from AMD to Samsung) (from Texas to California).  So I went on “sabbatical” from HeroQuest UE4 development.  During my “sabbatical”, I played more HeroQuest and continued to think about HeroQuest.  But I had to put development on hold while I focused on leaving my old job, on relocating, and on starting my new job.

As of today, I’m officially back.  With the disclaimer that I just changed from being a ~12-13 year veteran to a new hire, so I expect my day job to continue to require extra attention from my brain for at least a few months.  However, I will most likely be making some progress and posting updates soon.

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