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Archive for December, 2021 (2021/12)

Portals, moving platforms, laser sound

Moving platforms.  Character + bombs + lasers go through portals (smooth transition).  Simple sound cue for the laser shot.

Portals is from –


    Portal blueprint
    Smooth transition through portal
    position, direction, momentum, and scale transformed through portal
    Compatible with Character and rigid body actors (should work for nearly anything that can overlap)
     Wall Walking non-Character BP with portal-compatible third person camera (from Unscher)



Bomb throwing etc

XBox One controller Y throws bomb in analogue stick direction; X shoots laser in analogue direction.

The bombs don’t explode yet so here are a couple fun screen shots of spamming the level with bombs.




Bomber Fighter updates

Did some updates including:
* made a simple 1v1 fighting map

* tested IP networking with a hobby project teammate Spiffy (requires port forwarding on router and sharing IP address)

* looked at advanced sessions though I didn’t implement that yet

* read about Amazon GameLift which looks more involved – (24 hr or so of videos)

* added a small handgun to the player’s hand socket (although it’s too small to see)

* user can shoot laser projectiles which use a bright glowing material with particle effects

* user can shoot lasers directionally with left thumbstick though current method is kludge looking (doesn’t move and point the gun)



Bomber Fight

The HeroQuest project has been a good learning experience, though I want to get some exposure to other parts of Unreal Engine.  One of my college game projects (halcyon days) was a bomber man esque game – , so my next game idea is basically a simple bomber man fighting game starting from the platformer template.

Also, HeroQuest is using git (bitbucket).  But for this project, I decided it would be fun to setup a perforce server on AWS for this starting from – .



Quest 1 video

Full playthrough of quest 1.  Did a lot of small improvements and fixes in the past few days.

HeroQuest 19: Quest 1 from Pem on Vimeo.