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Homework 1

Homework 1 was just to compile and run their sample project.  I opened the sln file with VS 2010, and let it convert from VS 2005 to VS 2010.  Other than that, it just compiled and ran without any effort on my part.  It just prints GL version, GL vendor, GL Renderer (my GPU), and "yes" or "no" for whether my GPU supports some specific OpenGL extensions.


The OpenGL version used by the code samples (and homeworks) is the one thing I’m a little worried about being out of date from then (start of 2007) to now (end of 2011). Between OpenGL 2.x and OpenGL 3.x or 4.x, OpenGL deprecated some old styles of code. Two huge examples: fixed function mode was replaced by programmable shaders, and immediate mode was replaced by retained mode with vertex buffers objects and vertex array objects (VBO’s and VBA’s).  Here’s a list of when the 6 homeworks were due (in 2007):

Homework 1 (due Wednesday February 7 at noon EST)
Homework 2 (due Monday February 19 at noon EST)
Homework 3 (due Monday February 26 at noon EST)
Homework 4 (due Monday March 12 at noon EST)
Homework 5 (due Monday April 2 at noon EST)
Homework 6 (due Monday April 16 at noon EST)

Edit 2013/09: Unfortunately they took the links down so I might skip doing these homeworks.  I am however still periodically watching these lecture videos

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