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HeroScribe Pem’s Fork

The latest release of HeroScribe is HeroScribe 1.0pre1 (December 25th 2004) ( ), but luckily it’s open source.  And it was incredibly simple to setup a NetBeans project and start tweaking the code.  Thanks to the HeroScribe authors (and thanks to NetBeans & Java).

I’ve used C++ the most, but I also have experience (comfort, familiarity) using Java, C#, and Python.  So there wasn’t much of a learning curve for me to make some simple edits because I’ve already used NetBeans and Java for previous hobby projects (and I used Java in college classes).

The main thing I’ve added (thus far) is keyboard shortcuts to enable me to edit maps faster.  Added keyboard shortcuts for the main editor.  Added keyboard hotkeys and mnemonics to the File etc menus.  Tweaked the tab stops.  Improved text filtering (JFormattedTextField) for zorder input.

Being able to edit maps faster has multiple uses.  I can verify my code and its corner cases – recent examples include secret doors, monster AI, and traps.  In the long-run, I also plan to have two sets of maps – a nostalgia version and a balanced (play-tested) version.  Finally, improvements to the editor will be useful for others to create custom maps.

image image

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