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NFT collection prototypes

Just a small Saturday project inspired by crypto NFT collections.

Wrote a python script to generate 19,683 NFT’s.  Posted on solsea just to try it out.

Started on a simple DOGE one which does layers.

I used a modified version of to generate the above images.  The basic idea is to have layers like background, foreground, accessory layers, etc.  PNG’s in a folder with white background as transparency (alpha).  Then combine the layers to do different variations.


The original popular version of this style of NFT was CryptoPunks June 2017.  The "bored ape yacht club" is a more recent popular example.  There’s already a DOGE version called "The Doge Pound".

According to , "The Doge Pound NFTs were sold 294 times in the last 7 days. The total sales volume for The Doge Pound was $4.28M. The average price of one The Doge Pound NFT was $14.6k" as of 2021/11/01.


> Each Doge Pound has constructed algorithmically by mixing a variety of properties with different possibilities in the following categories:
Background, Clothing, Earring, Eyes, Eyewear, Mouth, Fur, and Hat.

> The Doge Pound was founded by three friends who set a goal and want to achieve it. Three oddly matched people expressing themselves via art and creating something interesting and hilarious.



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