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Game Design

New blog post category – game design

Per – at age 39, my career so far is something like – aspiring graphics and game programmer in high school and college (1996-2005) (RIT CS BS) then worked on graphics and GPU programming for AMD GPU and Samsung GPU 2006-2021.  And various other software engineer stuff like C++, Python, C#, automation, UI code, web (some), GPU drivers, etc.  Meanwhile, continued doing more graphics and game programming as hobby projects including the use of game engines such as Torque 3D in 2009 and Unreal Engine in 2016-2019.

I like graphics programming and GPU’s.  Though if I could redo it, I’d do something more like programmer designer hybrid use game engines to make games.  Maybe do AMD GPU 3-5 years after college then quit to work full-time making small games using game engines, possibly do a grad degree like SMU Guildhall or similar ( ), then some mix of game programmer jobs and indie.

Maybe still do a few years on GPU’s, do some cool graphics effects, optimize some vulkan code or something, but don’t narrowly specialize in rendering code and GPU’s.  So mid-life crisis I’m watching the Will Wright masterclass video this weekend and creating a new blog post category to post notes on it.

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