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Blueprints Transforms

The moving platform that we got from was not replicating properly on the network.  I tried fixing that directly, but I ended up rewriting it from scratch.  I noticed actor vectors in the editor are displayed relative to the actor’s transformations.  So getting the location in blueprints required me to think about the transforms (transformation matrices from CG 101).  I found this convoluted, but maybe Blueprints are making my brain lazier (spoiled) relative to C++ code) 😀

image  image


The following I will need to review whether it’s the best way to do it in terms of networking, but it seems to work at least (Loc Interp is replicated).  It does seem to work, but it seems wasteful because we’re continuously sending Loc Interp to the clients.  Loc Interp’s location should be deterministic relative to time, so assuming we have the starting time in sync with client and server, sending Loc Interp over the network seems wasteful.



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