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improve turn menu disables and path finding

Revamped turn menu disables.  For example, disable turn menu when it’s the monster’s turn.  On the hero’s turn, if there’s a visible monster then you can’t search.  Disable actions when doing a multi-move until the multi-move is complete.  Attack sub-menu shortcut keys were stuck.  Search treasure weapon rack quest 1 => hides end turn => fixed.  Don’t disable Move button until move is done.  Monsters in a different room, search for doors => should gray out actions => one action per turn.


Two orcs moving to X but they can only get to Y due to max move of 8.  The second orc was ending its turn on top of the first Orc.  Fixed by timing moves.  The AI is not super smart, but at least this avoids doing something illegal.


Here’s an example where the AI is dumb.  Assuming the heroes can’t shoot through the door, it’s generally better for the monsters to surround the entrance (X’s) than to run into the hallway death trap.  Especially if there’s a large number of monsters.

Btw HeroQuest has a lot of kludge situations like this that you don’t see in Gloomhaven.  Gloomhaven doorways are usually multiple spaces.  Also, the heroes in Gloomhaven have a limited number of turns to finish a quest before they get fatigued, which encourages them to move forward in the quest.


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