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Linux with modern OpenGL

I didn’t have a great experience finding modern OpenGL (3, 4) support in virtual machines such as VMware Player for guest Linux, and I didn’t want to bother with the hassle of dual-booting.  So I built a (good but not super high end) desktop computer from parts with a recent (but not high end PCIe) GPU .  I installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, installed updates (including “Additional Drivers” AMD proprietary) and got the C++ compilation to work for my cross-platform C++ OpenGL SDL2 based program.  Aside, NoMachine on my LAN works great for remote desktop from Windows to Linux with modern OpenGL.  To compile my source code, I needed a few small edits to the build file, and to fix some linker errors I had to install some libraries with “sudo apt-get install”.

Screenshot from 2013-12-21 01_53_38

So my cross-platform code setup with C++ OpenGL SDL2 upgraded to use modern OpenGL (OpenGL 3 & 4, OpenGL ES 2 & 3) style code now builds & runs on five platforms (Windows, OS X, Linux eg Ubuntu, Android, iOS).  Ideas for what I might do next are…  Further refactor / cleanup / streamline the code & build process.  Some less trivial but still simple graphics demos (eg lighting, textures, bump mapping, shadow mapping).  OpenGL-based GUI (eg expand the thumbnail viewer).  Add another platform (I think the most obvious choice is Windows Phone, which would possibly mean adding a DirectX code path for Windows & Windows Phone).

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