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Emscripten build target (JavaScript asm.js WebGL)

I’ve posted a WebGL version of my recent “Tile Map Geometry” post.  It was built using Emscripten, which is just one of the build targets for my (C++, SDL2, GLES2, CMake) project.  For editing the web code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) not generated by Emscripten, I tried out Brackets (

Rather than embed the JavaScript directly in this WordPress post, I uploaded it to a separate area labeled release “001”.  Click the following screen shot – it’s a link.  For future versions I’ll do the same thing – post a release at “..\pemproj\grfxdemossdl2015\" and link to it from a WordPress post.

Controls: WASD moves, QE turns, ZX flies (up, down).


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