Release 001 - 2015/10/11

Tile Map without textures

Written using Brackets (

I wrote this using the Brackets code editor with live preview. I'm not marketing myself as an experienced web developer, but I thought it would be fun to post some project status on a website. Choosing to use Emscripten as one of my build targets meant I could post builds as web demos. All of this resulted in me playing with some web code and web technologies.

The following two links are the same except for the web code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) that embeds the Emscripten-generated JavaScript program onto a canvas. For some reason the default Emscripten HTML is 1297 lines (the first screen shot link), while the one I wrote is only 33 lines (the second screen shot link). The only functional difference I notice is that the longer one shows a loading status and it has a black box console output (which prints stdout stderr). In the long-run I'll tweak this. For now I'll just post both links:

html wrapper version A html wrapper version B