Mega Monkey Mayhem, 2003

My second significant 3D game project (C++, DirectX, game/engine dev), with same two code teammates as Super IsoBomb and Xundar, and multiple other non-code contributors, for a more robust game.  C++, DirectX 8.1 (in 2003), audiere, doxygen, CVS.  Plenty of info on the project teammate's website (game description, screen shots, download):

This first video just goes straight into showing the gameplay.  Monkeys, powerups, bombs, homing bombs.  Near the end, we encounter a powerup that has a random virus.  At the end, we see the victory dance.  Recorded with simple controls using an XBox 360 controller on Windows XP.

Peter Mowry: Video Games: demo 04: Mega Monkey Mayhem, 2003 from Pem on Vimeo.

This second video shows some the options menu/GUI, the game map chooser/preview, and visits some more maps.  Maps can balance the powerups, such as to get a high-demand banana (health point) or homing bomb (magnet) powerup you have to down a dedicated path/trail.

Peter Mowry: Video Games: demo 05: Mega Monkey Mayhem, 2003 from Pem on Vimeo.

Since the above video clips are lower quality (lossy encrypted), here's some higher quality lossless screen shots.  Showing some particles, the main menu, the map preview, and a close-up of a monkey character and banana powerup.