Super IsoBomb, 2003

This was a first DirectX 2D project, done by classmates (Jason Winnebeck, Jon Hilliker) with (Jim Clase). I added networking support using RakNet, created the tilemap editor, and some non-networking code features. Windows, C++, DirectX, isometric 2D. Network protocol design and implementation (using RakNet API) added IP multiplayer to split screen local version. I made a website, algorithms paper, and ppt presentation on the networking code for a Comp Sci networking code class (as an extra project): ../resume_RIT_pre-SimNow/IsoBomb/

Peter Mowry: Video Games: demo 01: Super IsoBomb, 2003 from Pem on Vimeo.

This game is largley a Super Bomberman clone, but in a 2d tile-based isometric world (note, tiles and objects have height values)

The video shows:
* blue vs. red bomberman (you can have more than 2)
* throw bomb, explode bomb
* homing bombs with targeting A* path-finding on the tiles
* different levels, created with map editor
* the power ups
* when the player turns green that means he got a random virus from an infected powerup; there are different types of viruses
* at the end I show a silly entertaining trick (exploit?) where you get bombs to explode above your head