Tilemap Editor, 2003

Solo project I created using C# .NET code, to edit (open/save) tilemap text files for: Super IsoBomb, dungeons in The Land of Xundar, and Mega Monkey Mayhem.

It was important to have a good easy practical UI. Each tile has properties (top texture, side texture, height, item type, item id). The pane on the right determines the brush you will paint tiles with. You can left-click on a tile to set one tile. Or right-click to turn on painting mode, then paint lots of tiles, then right-click again to stop. There are additional viewing options reachable with keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+M), and GUI tab stops are configured so that you aren't required to use the mouse except to paint tiles.  Finally, you can create a new map, or resize the current map.

Xundar uses a ceiling and default edge of the map wall texture.  Other walls in the Xundar dungeons were just created by giving the tile the correct height value.  On the 3rd Xundar dungeon, we also pulled the old fake 3D engine trick, where you walk up a long flight of winding stairs with silent teleporting to fake multiple floors (since our tilemaps are 2D).