The Land of Xundar, 2003

First 3D game project; developed game/engine with DirectX hardware acceleration in C++. Windows, fmod. Technical features include: outdoor random terrain generation, indoor map file generated areas, 1st & 3rd person movement cameras, culling and optimization methods, collision detection, 2D elements (font engine, HUD), textures, lighting, custom imported models, animation, custom sound effects and music, various indoor item types with interactivity, and other special effects.  Outdoor random generation (constraints based) terrain/objects world, and indoor static dungeons with minor puzzle solving.

Peter Mowry: Video Games: demo 02: Xundar, 2003 from Pem on Vimeo.

The game demo had the outdoor world and 3 dungeons.  You can't enter dungeon 2 to until you beat dungeon 1.  The video shows dungeon 1, where the player stands on a switch to open a door.  Then gets a key (teapot) to open another door.  Then gets a sphere that lets you enter the second dungeon.  There is a melee attack, a spell attack (semi-broken, too slow), and a heal spell.  The player has separate experience points for magic vs. melee, so experience is based on use (rather than on killing gargoyles).

You may notice in the video that some features weren't implemented, such as the gargoyle doesn't animate and one if its wings is broken. Please keep in mind this was a first 3D DirectX project from 2003, with short time constraints and other classes :-).  If there had been more time, we would've added other things too like a road from (player spawn to tower 1 to tower 2 to tower 3).  Still, back then, it was very exciting to get working the amount that we did.

This second video plays through the second level/dungeon (sphere at end is required to enter dungeon 3):

Peter Mowry: Video Games: demo 03: Xundar, 2003 from Pem on Vimeo.

More info and screen shots here: ../resume_RIT_pre-SimNow/Xundar/index.php