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Trigger Traps

The basic game has four types of traps – spear trap, pit trap, falling block trap, and treasure trap.  Each trap type has its own set of rules (game logic), details, and corner cases that result from those rules.  I implemented support to trigger (spear trap, pit trap, falling block trap).  I’ll come back to (treasure trap) later because it has quest-specific rules.

Spear trap rolls one combat die; a skull does 1 body damage and ends the hero’s turn; anything else and the spear misses.

A pit trap always does 1 body damage and ends the hero’s turn.  The pit remains, and multiple heroes can fall into it.

A falling block trap rolls 3 combat dice (each skull does one damage), prompts the hero to move one square, then ends the hero’s turn.  The fallen block remains (it’s like a normal block).  When prompted to move, you can’t move on another hero.  If you move onto another trap, it gets triggered, so theoretically you could have a chain of falling block traps.  A chain of falling block traps could result in a hero that is permanently trapped forever (and thus dies).  This never happens in the official quests.  However, it’s theoretically possible, so I implemented this corner case.

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