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Old Side Projects Posted Now (Years Later)

My idea for this new blog category is to describe some older small side projects (exclusively, or at least primarily, done outside of work) (programming of course) that I wrote long before I created this blog.  I’ve done a lot of small side projects just to play with stuff and learn a little, so I probably have 100’s (or at least over 100) in the past 10 years, especially if we include before that (ie college and high school).

Because I’ve jumped around to different small side projects, someone reading this might think I am scatter-brained, lacking focus, or emphasizing quantity instead of quality.  But keep in mind I have a full-time job as a software engineer, and these old projects I plan to post will just be projects I did randomly for fun outside of my job, or for some specific practical use.

The real take-away is that I like programming so much that even after working 40-80 hours a week at my actual job (which specific focus areas), I will still spend a lot of nights and weekends and vacation time playing with other programming stuff that I don’t get exposed to at work (eg web stuff like WordPress & Adobe Flex, C#, Java, image processing, mobile development, automation & bots), or that I get at work but want more (eg OpenGL & DirectX, game engines, Qt, cross-platform development).  Also, these side projects are in addition to side learning (reading books, reading articles & papers, watching lectures & tutorials).

The trigger for my motivation to create this category is just that I was looking through old files and I found a small YuGiOh program I wrote in C# probably in 2006.  So I will at least post about that.  I don’t know what else I will end up posting, but we will see.  A part of me, as I write this, is already saying to myself – “writing this post is itself a small side project that is wasting time you could be using for something else” Open-mouthed smile

It’s a little weird that it’s 2015 and my first post in this category will be about something I wrote in 2006.  So that’s why I am putting these years old side projects in a separate category.  WordPress is probably not the right tool for this, because it organizes posts based on the date I posted them.  It would make more sense to organize them based on when I wrote the project and other attributes about the project.  Or maybe I will modify the posted date to an approximation of when I wrote the project, instead of when I wrote the post.  Whatever I do, I don’t want to waste a lot of time on it.

Edit: I’ve decided to merge this category with the scripting & automation category where I just did a post about using Sikuli for a simple Game of War “bot”, so this will include both old and recent small side projects…  So the emphasis is more on the type of small side project rather than when I wrote it.

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