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Camera, Input, Turn, Marker, Highlighter

I implemented a few updates to get some of the basic game behavior systems working.

The camera uses a custom class that extends APawn (I read the Strategy Game example project does this, although I looked more at Player-Controlled Cameras in C++ Programming Tutorials).  So rather than move the camera directly, we move an invisible pawn.  The custom pawn has a UCameraComponent (which follows the invisible player) and a USpringArmComponent (which can adjust the camera’s view of the invisible player).  There’s also a second camera (a camera actor) for a static birds-eye view that shows the entire game board.

For keyboard/mouse input, I used the unreal editor’s project settings.  I added a turn marker to show the current figure’s turn.  I added a highlighter actor to highlight square spaces.  For now it highlights the turn figure’s square and the four orthogonal adjacent squares.  I added a simple data structure such that each room has square spaces (for now it iterates through highlighting each room’s squares).

I implemented a prototype turn system where it iterates through each hero then each monster.  For each turn, it iterates through states – transition (camera moves to next actor), dice roll, dice wait, end turn delay.

image image image image

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