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Gamepad Controls

I implemented gamepad controls which I tested on Windows desktop with an Xbox 360 Controller (USB).  Using this same control system, it’s also possible to control the game entirely with a keyboard (though I think keyboard + mouse is better).  This is in addition to the touch screen only interface (which I’m testing on an Android tablet).

The UMG menu uses D-Pad, A for select, B for back (also keyboard arrow keys, Enter / Space, Esc / Backspace).  The game view uses the following (each also has corresponding keyboard shortcuts).  Left Stick free camera (WASD), Left Stick button toggle view (V).  Right Stick rotate/zoom, Right Stick button toggle zoom vs. tilt (QE rotate, home/end zoom, PgUp/PgDn tilt).  D-Pad Move or Attack adjacent (arrow keys).  LT toggles card zoom (C).  RT toggles combobox (B).  LL RR cycles Attack targets (tab, shift+tab), A selects target (enter, space).  B for back (Esc).  Mouse wheel zoom.  Mouse or Touch can click UMG or highlight actors (to select move or action target).

Other controls I plan to add later…  More finger touch screen controls such as pinch zoom, two finger rotate, tilt, pan.  Fluid mouse control (maybe right-click) for rotate/tilt.  In the long-term I plan to implement a VR interface.

Below is a video where I showcase using an XBox 360 controller to control the game.  Most of the functionality is the same as (keyboard + mouse) but with gamepad controls.

Some changes that stand out…  Navigate UMG menus with D-Pad.  Character menu is updated (also bigger UMG widgets for touch screen) (work in progress).  In addition to using D-Pad to select orthogonal move/action, you can also select any move/action with (left bumper, right bumper) then A.

Image result for xbox 360 controllerButton layout of a wireless Xbox 360 controller

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