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Search for Traps

I implemented (search for traps).  It’s pretty much the same functionality as (search for secret doors), so I made an effort to share code.  Eg I have a SpawnSpace() function that takes a SpawnType argument that’s SpawnType::See, SpawnType::SecretDoors, or SpawnType::Traps.  If you’re in a room, the game does SpawnSpace() for each square space in the room.  If you’re in a hallway, it uses line of sight (does not see into rooms).

In the physical board game, there are no tiles for unsprung traps.  When you search for traps, Zargon just points to the squares that have traps.  So I created tiles based on the quest book trap icons.  NA quest book uses orange, while EU uses white.  I think orange looks better and clearly communicates “unsprung trap” with a heavy dose of HeroQuest nostalgia.

In-game screen shots and a juxtaposition of pit trap “discovered” versus “sprung”.  This is a nice example of how you can convey information with visuals.

image image image image

_pittrap pittrap

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