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Treasure Card Code & UI

I continued to work on the treasure card code and the related user interface (UMG) for items.  I also fixed some corner cases that I found during testing, and I implemented other details related treasure and items.  For UI, the Character (items) screen is revamped.

For treasure card code…  The original game has 24 treasure cards – 11 are unique.  I added Potion of Speed (from EU version), so it’s 25 treasure cards, 12 unique.  Each of the 12 unique treasure cards requires code to be implemented.  There’s 2 hazards and 4 gold cards, so there’s really only 8 unique cards (in terms code behavior).  Gold and hazards are simple.  I’m saving the wandering monster card for last.

I implemented five potions – each potion has a different behavior.  Potion of Strength and Heroic Brew are used before attacking.  Potion of Strength just adds two combat dice to your attack.  Heroic Brew allows two attacks (instead of one).  Potion of speed is used before moving – to double your movement dice (eg 4 instead of 2).  Potion of Defense: when a monster is attacking a hero, if the monster rolls a skull and the hero has a Potion of Defense, then prompt the Hero to use it (or not).  Potion of Healing is similar – when a hero dies (eg from a monster attack or hazard), prompt the hero to use Potion of Healing (or not).

The mechanics (and UI) for spell cards will be similar.  There is also more to do for items.  For now, here’s screen shots and a video:

image image

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