I want to review my understanding and update my familiarity with details about modern OpenGL API, so I’m planning to read this cover-to-cover (on page 50 so far).

Based on reviews, the 7th edition sounded disappointing by being less modern in that it uses deprecated features instead of the newer 3.x and 4.x functionality.  For example, fixed function pipeline is deprecated, and instead OpenGL requires at least a VS & a PS.  glBegin() & glEnd() are deprecated, and instead you use VAO’s and VBO’s (vertex array objects, vertex buffer objects).  This 8th edition Red Book also integrated the Orange Book (on GLSL shaders) into the Red Book.

So I waited for the 8th edition, which was just published Mar 30 of 2013.

The book is absurdly fat – much too heavy for me to read comfortably while laying in bed or to carry around etc.  So I cut it into 4 sections with scissors, a knife, and some masking tape.  The last section is still a little fat, so I’ll probably make it 5 sections soon.  Overall, this worked surprisingly well.