I’ve been slacking a bit on HeroQuest since I moved from TX to CA and changed jobs (from AMD to Samsung).  Progress has continued but at a slower rate.  Luckily an angel has come down from heaven (named Justin) to join the project.  So far, Justin has been working on spells (menus and game logic), control systems, and game menus.  We’ve also had some long emails to coordinate and to brainstorm on design and implementation details.

Here are some early screen shots showing some of what Justin has been working on. Spell Menu UI.  Multi-square mouse movement (click on a dst and the game finds a path).  Pass through rock (walk through walls).  Veil of mist (walk through monsters).  Courage (+2 attack so 5 instead of 3).  Genie (attack with 5 dice).  Swift Wind (roll double move dice).  Thank you Justin for the help, and I hope we can continue working on this long-term!

image image image image image image image image