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Archive for June, 2016 (2016/06)

Android Support

I packaged my game for Android.  Overall it was mostly painless

Is Orc’s Bane Useful?

Interpreting Source Material
When porting content from one media to another (such as book/comic to movie) (or doing a remake), the source material gives a lot of guidance, but there are still plenty of decisions to make.  With HeroQuest, I’m leaning heavily towards making it authentic.  But it is a video game, and I’ve decided to have the program do rules and a campaign and AI (unlike the Tabletop Simulator version)

HeroScribe support, Epic Campaign Plans

In my prior work post, I described HeroScribe as the

Diagonal Attacking with Walls and Blocks

A hero can attack diagonally if they use a certain weapon (eg long sword, staff).  This is simple